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Added Care Plus 8 Years / 125,000 Miles with $200 Deductible


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ADDED CARE PLUS coverage includes:

• Engine • Transmission • Driveline • Steering • Air Conditioning • Brakes
• Anti-Lock Brakes • Electrical • Engine Cooling & Fuel • Instrumentation
• Power Group • Front Suspension • Rear Suspension • Luxury Group • Expanded Electrical


Includes all of the following:

$100 “Sign-And-Go” Roadside Assistance1
$100 Towing Allowance
$35 First Day Rental2
$35/Day Car Rental Allowance2
$600 Key Fob Repair/Replacement Coverage3
$1,000 Trip Interruption Coverage
$50 Plan Transfer Fee (in most states)

1Roadside Assistance provided in the event coverage is not included in the Basic or Powertrain Warranties.
2Includes $35 Taxi Reimbursement in lieu of Rental and all first day dealership service except bodywork.
3Total maximum coverage benefit of $600 and up to 3 Key Fob repairs or replacements.

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Term Length

8 Yr 125k Miles

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